Coming Soon - Sacrifice: The Legacy of Our Beloved Prophet (S)

Coming Soon - Sacrifice: The Legacy of Our Beloved Prophet (S)

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In every journey there is hardship and difficulty. The greatest journey of all is the journey to our beloved Allah. Turmoil and hardship are inevitable in this world of tribulation. In the face of the danger and hardship that the believer must face on the Journey to the Beloved, at times, the nafs becomes weak, the feet slip, and courage wanes. However in every journey there are guides who have knowledge of the way. They lead the wayfarer to salvation through their knowledge, experience and courage. Through the inspiration of the guide, the wayfarers find their way through the wilderness of this world and reach their destination – the destination of utter submission and servitude to Allah.
Our guides and inspirations in the world are the Prophets, martyrs and saints. Their lives enlighten us, their words inspire us, and their examples and stories uplift our spirits.

Allah mentions in the Quran:
“And all that We relate to you of the stories of the Messengers is that whereby We strengthen your heart; in these there has come to you the truth and an admonition, and a reminder to the believers.” (Hud: 21)

If the stories of the Messengers strengthen the hearts of the believers, then the story of the master and leader of all Messengers would undoubtedly be the greatest story ever told. This compilation contains the stories of the struggle and hardship from the life of our beloved Master and Messenger Muḥammad – may Allah bless him and grant him peace.

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