If You Cannot Keep the Company of the People of Allah, Then Keep the Company of Their Words

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Nur Publications encourages readers to form Circles of Light–study circles comprised of people helping each other learn and implement the guidance transmitted in our texts. Ideally, the best way to study a religious text is with a qualified teacher; someone who can contextualize and unlock the layers of meaning found within the words. Although we aim to edit, translate, and annotate our books in a way that will allow anyone to read and understand them, there is no substitute to reading with a teacher who has access to and is connected with the Islamic spiritual tradition.

Although this is not always possible, Nur Publications still recommends that people come together to study a book, even if they cannot do so with a qualified teacher.

Those that set up a study circle with at least 5 people, with or without a qualified teacher, can place a group order for the text that they intend to study at a heavily discounted rate.

If you are interested starting a Circle of Light, please submit the form below and a representative from Nur Publications will be in touch with you in a few days.

We ask Allah Ta’ala to enable us in all that is pleasing to Him. 

Information About Your Circle

After your submission, Nur Publications will contact you in the next few days regarding your request.
*Have you found a teacher to study this text with?
*Do you have at least four other readers committed to reading the text together?

Nur Publications is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization. Nur Publications does not profit from any of our books. The reason we charge is to offset the cost of printing and publishing our books. We only set our prices slightly above cost. This is because we give our books for free to many, including but not limited to: full-time students of sacred knowledge, the incarcerated, attendees at classes organized by us, and generally anyone unable to afford our texts. We also provide heavily discounted books to groups who form study circles around our books. We do this because we were established with a core value that knowledge should be made available to all.

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